Accident Reconstruction

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July 22, 2016
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August 5, 2016

Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

Graham ENGLAND is currently employed by Ramsey Investigation Services, specializing in Collision Reconstruction. He was a Police Officer with the South Australia Police for 38 years. During this time, he performed general patrol duties and relieving in the Criminal Investigation Branch. In 1977 he transferred to the Accident Investigation Section, (now Major Crash Investigation Unit). For 15 years he was responsible for investigating fatal and serious injury crashes throughout South Australia and preparing reports for the State Coroner and for the criminal prosecution of offending drivers. In 1990 he commenced studying collision reconstruction and in 1992 he became the second S.A. Police Officer conducting reconstruction reports for criminal prosecution and for the State Coroner.

To obtain the necessary qualifications, Graham studied with the Metropolitan Police in England and has attended courses and conferences conducted in the United States of America by various universities and government bodies. Graham has travelled overseas almost every year since 1991 to gain knowledge and further his qualifications in this area.

Graham retired from SAPOL in 2008 at the rank of Senior Sergeant and has worked with Ramsey Investigation Services since that time. He has prepared factual reports for CTP Insurers in SA and has prepared reconstruction reports for the defence in criminal matters and for the plaintiff and defendant in civil matters whilst employed by Ramsey Investigation Services. Graham has also given expert evidence in some of those matters. He also regularly prepares scaled plans of collision scenes for solicitors and provides photographs of those collision scenes.

Using the latest technology in computer animation and simulation, Graham is able to prepare videos showing his interpretation of how a collision occurred. The software uses 3D models of vehicles and pedestrians and can be shown over three-dimensional models of the collision scene. The latest additions include advanced features for pedestrian movement and the off-tracking of multi-unit commercial vehicles (semi-trailers and road trains). Another recent purchase is an aerial ‘drone’ which enables high definition video and photographs to be taken of any scene.

Graham continues to attend relevant courses and conferences around the world to keep up to date with new technology and methods. He has been accepted as an expert witness in all South Australian courts and has appeared as an expert witness in over 300 criminal trials.

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