How Social Media Investigations Are Helpful For Finding Evidence

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August 23, 2016
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May 3, 2018

How Social Media Investigations Are Helpful For Finding Evidence

Today, social media has become the important part of everybody’s life. We share almost all the things we do or feel on the social networking sites. All the posts we share on the social media somehow describe our likes, dislikes, connections, thought process and many other aspects of our characters. Due to this reason, social media investigation has become a key for finding the evidences in civil or criminal investigations.


What is social media investigation?

In many developed countries like Australia or USA, when a conspicuous crime happens, the investigators scrutinise the social media accounts of suspects immediately. They find out what he or she have posted, read or watched before the crime happened and try to find out the links. This type of investigation is known as social media investigation. This analysis can be used for high-profile cases as well as crimes happening on small scale. It is helpful in investigations like claim misuse, insurance scam etc.

Always hire a private investigator

It may be sounding little bit surprising to you as I am asking to hire private investigator for analysing something like social media account, which contain almost everything posted as public. Let me reveal the reasons behind this.

  • A skilled and qualified private investigator can dig out the information which the person is trying to hide by using different tools. If the person tries to hide information, he or she opts for some other social media platforms instead of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Private investigator can search for those non-traditional channels and find out about suspects activity.
  • Private investigators can access various tools by means of legal process and can reach out to person’s social networking accounts with a small key like email-id or mobile number.
  • Every social media platform is meant for different purposes and hence we create different accounts. We share unique information on each account. Every account showcases different side of the person. The private investigator connects the dots between all social media accounts and generates a better profile of the person which serves you with desired proofs.
  • Private investigator can go through thousands of posts and other activities of the suspect on various social media accounts through high-tech tools quickly and accurately and gather the desired evidences.

Benefits of social media investigations

There are many benefits of social media investigations. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  • People often speak truth on social media sites like Facebook. They pour their real emotions in their posts. This widely showcases their true character which in turn helps in investigations.
  • By analysing the activities of the suspect on social media with the help of some sophisticated tools, we can find out the truth in the stories and theories presented by him/her.
  • This investigation showcases the real image of the person you are investigating.
  • When social media wasn’t in the picture, surveillance was used as key evidence by the investigating officers. Though it is a reliable thing, it’s time-consuming and proves to be expensive if you don’t really know about whom you are investigating. With social media investigations, these problems are solved. Investigators get the clear profile of the suspect analysing his/her social media account and hence they can find the proofs quickly, accurately and in better way.

This age is clearly of social media and we must make use of it for other things than entertainment. So, in future if you want to find evidence, opt for social media investigations managed professionally and discretely by Ramsey Investigation Services.

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