Factual Investigations Explained

How Social Media Investigations Are Helpful For Finding Evidence
April 26, 2018

Factual Investigations Explained

 Where Can Factual Investigations Be Utilized? 

An investigation is never complete without the evidence and facts. Factual Investigation is used to collect the evidence in the written as well as oral form. In this type of investigation, investigating officers talk to the relevant people, extract information about the matter, build evidence and present it to the court. However, the process of factual investigation might be sluggish as it involves numerous steps. It is crucial to take an affidavit in the factual investigation as it can act as an element to prove or deny the statements.


Worker Compensation

Investigating officers inquire about the facts surrounding the incident for which a worker has claimed compensation. Most of the time, this type of factual investigations are done immediately after the incident as the evidence are fresh and cannot be manipulated. This service is mostly required by the insurance companies to know the liability with reference to worker’s compensation claim. Sometimes, factual investigations are also carried out in the workplace for harassment cases or superannuation claims.

Criminal Defence Factual Investigation

This type of investigation is undertaken when the police procedures are not followed in a proper manner or when the person who is charged has not committed the offense. In this investigation, the allegations made by the prosecution are scrutinized in order to search for the evidence that negates the allegation. Sometimes factual investigation also concentrates on the evidence which points out the person other than the person who is charged. The factual investigation is a common procedure in the cases of domestic violence or divorce.

Divorce Settlement

This investigation is carried out to prove that a contribution has been made in the form of In-Kind contribution as well as financial contribution. Most of the divorce settlement cases have child-custody associated with them and hence, all the evidence need to be gathered before the separation occurs. As child custody is a prime factor in any divorce settlement case, investigators try to accumulate the details in favor of their client as to how it would be beneficial for children to be in his/her custody.

Factual Investigation Of Accidents

It is better to carry out the factual investigation of the cases of accidents immediately after the happening. The trained officers carry out the investigation and extract proof to determine whether the accident occurred due to a natural cause or someone was actually responsible for it. 

Marital Infidelity

Marriage is a sensitive topic and if there is any case of marital infidelity, an individual can use the factual investigation for proving the infidelity of his/her partner. The Evidence is presented in the court on the basis of which final decision is being made.

The factual investigation has become an integral part of any legal proceeding as it provides the individual with the required facts which can prove his point or negate the false allegations against him. One can’t carry out a legal proceeding without the evidence and here is when Factual investigation plays its role.

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