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Hire Ramsey Investigation for excellent skip tracing and attain the information you need. Headed by Barry Ramsey, Managing Director and chief investigator, our team consists of highly skilled and experienced staff. We also have contractors who have been working in the field of investigation and skip tracing services for decades. Our specialties are debt recovery,personal injury and vehicular accidents, insurance claims, and process serving. We offer extensive services to all our clients that come in different service packages. These depend on the scale of the investigation involved. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your needs. You may reach us via phone on 1300 308 941 or via fax on 1300 306 941, alternatively, you can send us an email via

Efficient and Cost Effective Skip Tracing

Skip tracing services
Skip tracing is necessary for locating a person’s whereabouts. It is a useful service in debt recovery and collection, process serving, or other private investigation needs. Our investigating team utilise the desktop investigation strategy wherein we use database searches to trace last known residence or workplace of a certain individual. These databases include phone number listings, job applications, utility services, credit reports, and public tax information. Once these resources are exhausted, we also involve ourselves by talking to affiliated organisations or associations, neighbours, businesses, employers, family, and local government. Our silver service also includes standard searches of up to two hours desktop investigation providing basic information about the subject. The first two skip tracing services are for free, for bulk or volume submissions. Gold service includes basic search, plus a pay per search option for more exhaustive services that use paid online resources.

The Best Skip Tracing for Locating Subjects

Ramsey Investigation Services is your partner in skip tracing for locating a subject’s whereabouts. We also work for debt recovery purposes, searching for missing persons, process service for legal documents, and field calls. Our team provides you with 24/7 access to real-time updates and reports. Therefore you can monitor the progress of the services. We also offer packages and discounts for end of the month billing for clients sending bulk or volume tracing requests per month. Our first two traces are done for free at the Silver Service level for volume requests. We also offer a guarantee where we can re-open a file should a subject relocate within three months of file closure. The different service levels give you affordable options for basic searching, and a choice to upgrade to pay per search and quick turnarounds whenever necessary.

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Get fast and convenient skip tracing only from Ramsey Investigation Services. Submit your files today and we will deliver quality reports just for you.

If you would like to speak with someone right now to discuss your needs feel free to contact us on 0412 147 882.